ADS Planning and Management

Thanks to 30 years of experience and a long-established network with the Italian and international press, we are able to select the best media channels for the development of advertising campaigns. We guarantee the effectiveness in the transmission of our clients' messages through the selection of the correct media with the target audience. At the best investment budget.

Our team deals specifically with:

  • Defining communication objectives
  • Analysis of the media landscape
  • Campaign planning
  • Target analysis: b2b or b2c
  • Defining strategy by maximizing coverage of planned activities
  • Digital and print, mobile and social media strategies 
  • Multichannel advertising campaigns
  • TV Strategies and Bradocast, Out of Home 
  • Negotiation of advertising spots
  • Coordinating deadline for delivery of materials
  • Verification of the airing of the advertising campaign
  • Monitoring of the advertising campaign
  • Assessment of the achieved results 

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