• Defining a strategic plan for the development of brand image and positioning. 
  • Developing the brand's own identity, defining the unique value proposition, mission and vision
  • Identification of marketing tools needed 
  • Drafting clear and effective press releases 
  • Processing of all in-depth multimedia materials, case histories, and relevant content of interest to the press
  • Development of corporate press kit
  • Development of all necessary content to support media communication
  • Specialized translations of texts in the languages of interest
  • Daily industry media relations activities and analysis of all editorial opportunities
  • Press release target distribution activities
  • Managing interviews with editorial directors
  • Constant offline and online monitoring
  • Press, digital, radio and television review 
  • Pre- and post-event press review
  • Reporting and Analysis through press clipping processing: collection of articles with publication ROI quantification and dedicated report

To find out more about our average reach

  • Defining goals of the communication campaign
  • Analysing of the media landscape and programming
  • Target analysis: b2b or b2c
  • Defining strategy by maximizing reach and frequency in planned activities
  • Digital and print strategies 
  • Mobile and social media strategies 
  • Multi-channel and cross-channel strategies 
  • TV strategy and bradocast 
  • Out of Home Strategies 
  • Paid search strategies 
  • Negotiation of advertising spots
  • Coordinating deadlines for delivery of materials and verification of campaign airing
  • Monitoring of the advertising campaign
  • Assessment of the achieved results 
  • Competitive Analysis and Brand Digital Asset Analysis
  • Defining strategy and goals
  • Operations Management
  • Processing and Drafting PED (Editorial Plan) 
  • Defining content and themes, and translating in other languages
  • Scheduling and publishing content
  • Real-time community management
  • Graphics and content creativity for social media
  • Photo shoots
  • Image editing
  • Organization, management and coordination of events
  • Venue research and selection 
  • Research, support and selection of catering 
  • Research, support and selection of technology equipment backing 
  • Research, support, and selection of entretainment activities 
  • Communication to organize media coverage 
  • Communication to promote digital events 
  • Communication about the event on social media


  • Press conferences
  • Press Tour 
  • Press meetings and customized interviews
  • Press meetings during national and international trade fairs
  • Events with the foreign press
  • Blogger events
  • Roundtables and debates
  • Fairs and events


  • Corporate events
  • Events with industry organisations
  • Inaugurations of showrooms/outlets/new plants/production units/venues
  • New product presentations and launches 
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Talk shows, roundtables and theme nights in showrooms or venues
  • Fairs and Events

Discover our events

  • Studying all networking and relationship opportunities with industry professionals
  • Creating all strategic moments to develop business opportunities and synergistic relationships with potential industry stakeholders.

  • Defining agendas with B2B meetings with architectural firms, interior designers, designers, product designers in strategic markets.

  • Profiling of all professionals

  • Meeting management and onsite relationships

  • Developing direct contact with the potential interlocutor

This activity can be developed in the market of interest. Thanks to a long experience in the field, OGS is able to carry out customized meetings in the following markets: Europe (Milan, Rome, Florence - Italy Paris - France, London - UK, Valencia, Madrid - Spain), Eastern Europe (Kiev, Ukraine, Nur Sultan, Almaty - Kazakhstan), EMEA (Dubai and Abu dhabi), USA (NY and Los Angeles), ASEAN (Singapore)

PR and Networking activities with professionals can also be developed through Incoming activities with customized company visits and management of the entire organization, professional and event selection, logistical and communication services to support them.

  • Customized newsletters that can arouse interest and curiosity for originality in content and creativity in design with the goal of increasing business performance and results in terms of visibility and brand awereness
  • Monthly newsletters sent to national and international trade media 
  • Monthly newsletters sent to industry professionals in design and architecture, companies, studios, and organizations of national and international interest
  • Creation and processing of all content for brand digital assets
  • Creation and processing of all content for blogs from an SEO perspective for search engines
  • Quality and creativity in text content development
  • Creation of written and multimedia content for different uses: catalogs and brochures; websites; social media; media; events; trade shows. 
  • Production of useful and quality content (videos, images, infographics, e-books)
  • Organization of photo shoots Organization of video production
  • Organization of image and video graphics

A substantial part of our core business is dedicated to Exhibition Events

We are the exclusive Representative Office in Italy of several international salons and on whose behalf we carry out three main activities: 

  • Brand Communication: set of activities that includes all the interventions undertaken by Ogs aimed at increasing and spreading the brand awareness of the exhibition event among all its potential interlocutors on the Italian territory. It includes the activities of: press office; organization of press conferences; activities dedicated to advertising campaigns and digital campaigns
  • Exhibitor sales campaign: set of activities aimed at finding a wide range of exhibitors who will be selected according to the needs of the exhibition event. It includes the activities of: exhibitor research and selection; communication to support trade fairs with a view to selling exhibition space; technical support to companies in logistics, organization and booth set-up in the trade fair presence. 
  • Visitor campaign: set of activities dedicated to the management and selection of hosted buyers from Italy and Europe and the implementation of a visitor recruitment plan. Includes the activities of: visitor and industry professional selection; hotel-fair transfer and logistics services; host organization support at the event; event management and networking during the event. 

For more information on trade shows with OGS as the Italian representative , click here

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