International Press Office

Our press office activities target all print and digital media channels: daily newspapers, weeklies, periodicals, monthly, semi-monthly, blogs, forums, e-magazines, radio media, and television media with a reach to the national and international market.

Our team deals with:

  • Writing clear and effective press releases that reflect the 5Ws (who, what, where, when, why) and the 3Cs (clear, concise, contact name).
  • Developing all in-depth multimedia materials, case histories, and relevant content of interest to the press
  • Preparing the corporate press kit
  • Developing all necessary content to support media communication
  • Specialized translations of texts in the languages of interest
  • Daily international press office and industry media relations activities and analysis of all publishing opportunities
  • Managing interviews with editorial directors
  • Constant offline and online monitoring
  • Print, digital, social and broadcast press review
  • Reporting and Analysis through press clipping processing: collection of articles with publication ROI quantification and dedicated report


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